Enlightenment Project’s Coding Style or “If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em”

This is a quick post for all of you Enlightenment developers and users (the latter also willing to adhere to that weird coding style). The named coding style, which seems to historically have come from Rasterman’s text editor, Jed, has been recently been called for a standardization/modification by means of an uncrustify configuration file.

While the file itself is still not perfect (there are “indentation bugs” yet), I wanted to have my editor — Emacs — to help me to adapt to that thing. So, I present you with a crude first attempt at it: http://github.com/glima/Emacs-uncrustify. Patches are obviously welcome.

By the way, exciting news are emerging from E-land, so stay tuned for hot hot new stuff, soon.


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