Editje: Edje GUI creation for the masses

As some people might already know, Profusion has been working on a new Edje editor, intended to replace the one there was on Enlightenment’s subversion repository. I’m now participating more actively in its development and, besides that, I did help with an early version of its user manual.

It will be fixed/revamped incrementally, so that even at development stage we can have users able to do their GUI creation jobs done with it.

Stay tuned for more news on EFL applications development infrastructure soon.


3 comentários sobre “Editje: Edje GUI creation for the masses

  1. Thanks, Morpha 🙂 Besides our team is not big, we’re working hard to have something as awesome as the QML editor which was showcased 🙂 By the way, I’m also looking forward to see where QML is going. Cheers!

  2. Looking forward to using this myself. I have failed miserably at creating themes for the EFL, partially due to lack of time to commit to learning edje syntax and partially due to being put off by the walls of text to get to specific elements.

    At least I’m still having ideas, just saving them until I can implement them myself. I have high hopes for this editor 🙂

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