Gustavo has already announced it, but here I come with just a few more words about it: Profusion has been working on a multimedia platform over Canola2, intended for in-car entertainment. After playing around with Canola, itself, a time ago, it has also been fun to work with this adaptation/expansion too!

I’ve managed to learn edje more and to grasp its full theming potencial. It rocks! We have architectural improvements on Canola which can be upstreamed, not far from now, I guess. One of the coolest additions was the total replacement of its thumbnailer with Profusion’s own one: Ethumb. This is a library which will soon be officially announced (it is already in Enlightenment’s code repository, but we would like to complete some small TODOs befoure going into 1.0). Besides many other things you can get with this (highly optimized) lib there are thumbnails with edje (objects) overlay borders and animated thumbnails of video files :).

Here is one of the demo presentation recordings.


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