Habemus Canola

Following Etrunko, who was the most rushed :P, I must announce that Canola 2, a media player for the Nokia tablets (but not restricted to them!), was set free! It is now available under GPLv3 and its code can be reached here. There you’ll find some instructions on how to build it, made by Etrunko.

I must only warn some of you that, for reasons already raised by Etrunko there, to this date there seems to be issues regarding some of the EFL python bindings. You are encouraged to wait a little bit, until they are fixed, help to fix them or try to stick to a revision older them Enlightenment repo’s HEAD (can’t say which will work). Profusion is also going to post instructions on how to build it, it won’t take long.

Another important thing is that Google Summer of Code 2009 did accept Maemo as one of its organizations. There are project ideas on Canola 2 plugins and I have applied as a mentor to one of them. I (glima) would joyfully embrace any plugin idea on Canola, but I’m specially interested on musical stuff (blip.fm anyone, now that last.fm has lost most of it charm?) :).

Finally, we hope you all enjoy hacking on Canola 2, which is a great piece of software!

ps.: Besides the title, no relation to catholicism (and no puns, either :P) intended!


Um comentário sobre “Habemus Canola

  1. Great,
    is possible for somebody create Anyremote plugin (via DBUS) ? Anyremote(d) for NIT exists. I’m not programmer ..
    My idea: NIT N810 in backpack and control Canola2 via BT Anyremote from classic mobile phone. Example: Amarok Anyremote control. Now is possible control via DBUS only player backend = one track. No way to change next/prev track etc. Excuse my for my poor english. Thanks.

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